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78 new routes permitted beneath Regional Connectivity Scheme UDAN 4.0 –Take a look at full checklist | Financial system Information


New Delhi: The Civil Aviation Ministry on Thursday permitted 78 new routes beneath the 4th spherical of Regional Connectivity Scheme UDAN

“Particular enhance is being given to connectivity in North East with routes from Guwahati to Tezu, Rupsi, Tezpur, Passighat, Misa and Shillong. Individuals will be capable to fly from Hissar to Chandigarh, Dehradun and Dharmshala beneath these UDAN Four routes. Routes from Varanasi to Chitrakoot and Shravasti have additionally been permitted.Agatti, Kavaratti and Minicoy islands of Lakshadweep have additionally been linked by the brand new routes of UDAN 4.0,” the Ministry of Civil Aviation stated in a launch.

Up to now, 766 routes have been sanctioned beneath the UDAN scheme. 29 served, 08 unserved and 02 underserved airports have been included within the checklist for permitted routes.

The 4th spherical of UDAN was launched in December 2019. with a particular give attention to North-Japanese Areas, Hilly States, and Islands. The airports that had already been developed by AAI are given larger precedence for the award of VGF(Viability Hole Funding) beneath the Scheme. Underneath UDAN 4, the operation of helicopter and seaplanes can be been integrated. Since its inception, MoCA has operationalized 274 UDAN routes which have linked 45 airports and three heliports.

Right here is the total checklist of latest permitted RCS routes:

1. Guwahati To Tezu
2.Tezu To Imphal
3. Imphal To Tezu
4. Tezu To Guwahati
5. Guwahati To Rupsi
6. Rupsi To Kolkata
7. Kolkata To Rupsi
8. Rupsi To Guwahati
9. Bilaspur To Bhopal
10. Bhopal To Bilaspur
11. Hissar To Dharamshala
12. Dharamshala To Hissar
13. Hissar To Chandigarh
14. Chandigarh To Hissar
15. Hissar To Dehradun
16. Dehradun To Hissar
17. Kanpur(Chakeri) To Moradabad
18. Moradabad To Kanpur(Chakeri)
19. Kanpur(Chakeri) To Aligarh
20. Aligarh To Kanpur(Chakeri)
21. Kanpur(Chakeri) To Chitrakoot
22. Chitrakoot To Prayagraj/Allahabad
23. Prayagraj/Allahabad To Chitrakoot
24. Chitrakoot To Varanasi
25. Varanasi To Chitrakoot
26. Chitrakoot To Kanpur(Chakeri)
27. Kanpur(Chakeri) To Shravasti
28. Shravasti To Varanasi
29. Varanasi To Shravasti
30. Shravasti To Prayagraj/Allahabad
31. Prayagraj/Allahabad To Shravasti
32. Shravasti To Kanpur(Chakeri)
33. Bareilly To Delhi
34. Delhi To Bareilly
35. Cochin Worldwide Airport(CIAL) To Agatti
36. Agatti To Cochin Worldwide Airport(CIAL)
37. Aizawl To Tezpur
38. Tezpur To Aizawl
39. Agartala To Dibrugarh
40. Dibrugarh To Agartala
41. Shillong To Passighat
42. Passighat To Guwahati
43. Guwahati To Passighat
44. Passighat To Shillong
45. Guwahati To Tezpur
46. Tezpur To Guwahati
47. Guwahati To Misa(Heliport)
48. Misa(Heliport) To Geleki
49. Geleki To Jorhat
50. Jorhat To Geleki
51. Geleki To Misa(Heliport)
52. Misa(Heliport) To Guwahati
53. Agatti To Minicoy
54. Minicoy To Agatti
55. Agatti To Kavaratti
56. Kavaratti To Agatti
57. Guwahati To Shillong
58. Shillong To Dimapur
59. Dimapur To Shillong
60. Imphal To Silchar
61. Silchar To Imphal
62. Shillong To Guwahati
63. Agartala To Shillong
64. Shillong To Imphal
65. Imphal To Shillong
66. Shillong To Agartala
67. Imphal To Shillong
68. Shillong To Silchar
69. Silchar To Shillong
70. Shillong To Imphal
71. Shillong To Dibrugarh
72. Dibrugarh To Shillong
73. Delhi To Shimla
74. Shimla To Delhi
75. Diu To Surat
76. Surat To Diu
77. Diu To Vadodara
78. Vadodara To Diu
It could be recalled that the Ministry of Civil Aviation had launched Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) in October 10 2016 to stimulate regional air connectivity and making air journey reasonably priced to the lots. 
Since then three spherical of biddings have been accomplished. The primary RCS-UDAN flight was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on April 27 2017 in Shimla.


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