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Amit Shah admits to coincidental security breach at Priyanka Gandhi’s residence, high-level probe ordered


Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday admitted to a security breach at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s residence last week. Defending the CRPF, the force now entitled to look after Gandhi family security since the removal of the SPG cover, the home minister called it a “coincidence”.

According to the Home Minister, Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to visit his sister Priyanka Gandhi at the time, so when a black Tata Safari drove in, no one stopped it. The car had Congress worker Sharda Tyagi and three others in it instead of Rahul Gandhi, the home minister told Rajya Sabha.

“The coincidence is rare but it did happen. A high-level inquiry has been ordered nevertheless and three personnel had been suspended after the incident,” he said.

Amit Shah also remarked that Gandhis should have maintained “confidentiality” on security, instead of leaking it to press. “They could have written to me or the DGP CRPF. But if you want to do politics on the matter it is a different thing altogether,” Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah’s remarks came when he was replying to debate on the SPG amendment bill in Rajya Sabha. After the home minister’s reply, the bill was with a voice vote in the Upper House even as Congress staged a walkout.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s husband Robert Vadra on Tuesday called the incident a “very big” security lapse, alleging that the removal of the Gandhi family’s SPG cover was a “political” move.

In a post on Facebook, Robert Vadra said, “Our security is not important as much as the security of the women in the country. The government should think about it at the national and state level. Our security and of our children is on the second level, we have to think about the security of women first.

Meanwhile, at the centre of controversy Sharda Tyagi, who was in the vehicle which breached security at Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s residence in Delhi said that she was a loyal Congress worker and was shocked to see the lack of security at Priyanka Gandhi’s residence.

“I was born in Congress and I am dedicated to the party. I was deeply anguished to find that security was left on homeguards. I went there for the first time and saw this.” Shradha Tyagi told media.

She further said, “I didn’t know her [Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s] house number and asked about it by calling at Congress office. When I went there, [Security] didn’t even care to see who was sitting in the car, the barricade was removed immediately and the gate was opened.”

Meanwhile, BJP leader GVL Narsimhan also took a potshot at Gandhi family said, “Do you need security from your cadres who have come to visit your own house?”

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