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Don’t take films so seriously: Akshay Kumar on social responsibility of art


Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar will be seen next in Good Newwz.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar doesn’t agree his responsibilities as an artiste should remain consistent while doing social dramas and comedies.

Akshay has established himself as an actor with social conscience in the last few years by headlining films like Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Padman and Mission Mangal.

However, when he stars in a sexist comedy like Housefull 3, the obvious criticism against the star is the display of irresponsibility.

When this inconsistency was pointed out by a journalist during a group interaction, Akshay Kumar responded, “Why? Where is it written? My responsibility with Housefull is that I am doing a slapstick comedy.”

When the scribe argued a slapstick comedy doesn’t have to be sexist, the actor said, “That’s your point of view. I have my own perspective.”

“A film should be taken as a film. You come there to enjoy. You pay for the ticket and don’t take it so seriously. We show ‘No smoking’ but have people stopped smoking. Everybody is doing their job. I am trying to do mine. We are all making a film. This is a film where this is a comic kind of character. It’s just a character. I am again telling you, don’t take it so seriously,” Akshay Kumar added.

When Akshay was told that when one makes fun of women on screen, he/she normalises that culture. The actor replied, “But there are many other (films) where men are being made fun of.”

The Kesari star added there are many other things to take seriously and people should rather concentrate on those things than these films.

Akshay Kumar then remarked he considers censor board as the barometer for acceptable content and therefore sees no problem in a film if it is passed by the CBFC.

He said, “If you have a problem after watching the trailer, then don’t see the film. Don’t take your family. Tell your friends that they shouldn’t watch the film. When you (journalists) write an article and if someone criticises it, you say don’t read it. Just like how you have the freedom of speech and writing, the person also has the freedom of acting. It is being passed by the censor. If it is passed by the censor, then what’s the problem?”

Akshay Kumar added even as a viewer his feelings while consuming comedies never interferes with his experience of watching films, which have a social message to drive home.

“When I see someone else’s films also, be it Inder Kumar or anyone else who makes comedy films, I go in that kind of a mood,” the actor said.

He added, “It’s just a character. Watch it as a film. I can’t be like, ‘Today, I need to teach this lesson.’ I am not a teacher. I am making films. In some, I am having fun and in others, I am giving a message. This film (Good Newwz) is on IVF. It is a serious matter. Now, someone can say it’s such a serious matter, how can you show it in this (comic) way? But I am playing a character.”

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