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Himesh Reshammiya reacts to Ranu Mondal getting trolled on social media


New Delhi:  Bollywood singer Himesh Reshammiya, who gave a big break to singing sensation Ranu Mondal, has reacted to the singer getting trolled often on social media. The internet that made Ranu a star was quick to criticise when she refused a delighted fan for a selfie. However, Himesh too didn’t seem very pleased with Ranu’s latest antics.

Recently when Himesh was asked to comment on the incident, he retorted by saying that he is not her manager so why is he being asked about her. Talking about giving breaks to people in the music industry, Himesh said that Ranu isn’t the only one he has launched. The singer revealed that he has also given a break to popular singers like Palak Mucchal, Darshan, Aryan.

When asked whether Himesh will give Ranu a chance to sing for him again, Himesh said that he will speak to other music directors and producers to give Ranu, a chance because she has a really good voice. The singer, however, dodged questions on Ranu being a regular subject to trolls.

A few days ago, Ranu invited the ire of netizens after she was seen misbehaving with a fan in a viral video.

Many of her fans called out her gesture and slammed her on social media for throwing starry tantrums.

Ranu got her big break in the industry after her video from a railway station went viral on social media. Himesh Reshammiya made Ranu record her first Hindi song titled ‘Teri Meri’ and even released the music video later. 



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