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I like FedEx and it is too cheap


Synopsys: “We have liked this stock .. it’s very good. I’m going to give you a twofer. I also like Auto Desk, which reported this very evening.”

Grocery Outlet Holding Corp: “I like Grocery Outlet very much. They did that secondary. It’s still people like it — I’m trying to find where that pricing was, $33.75, so you’re under a dollar on that one, so that may be an opportunity.”

Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals: “We recommend that people take a little bit off the table because man, bulls make money, bears make money and hogs.”

FedEx: “I’ve got to tell you, I think it’s too cheap. It’s not [necessarily going to go up] because they’ve got China problems. But I like FedEx. FedEx kind of feels like the Eagles to me.”

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