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Jamia vs Delhi Police: How newspapers reported ugly Sunday clash over Citizenship Act


It was an ugly scene on Sunday evening as the students of Jamia Milia University came face-to-face with the Delhi Police in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Four buses were set ablaze and several other vehicles were vandalised as anti-citizenship law protesters clashed with police near New Friends Colony in South Delhi on Sunday, leaving dozens of people and several cops injured.

More than 100 activists protesting against the Citizenship Act were injured in as they clashed with police who used tear gas and baton charges to disperse demonstrators at the Jamia Milia University.

Police resorted to baton charges and firing tear gas on the protesters to disperse them. Officers stormed the campus grounds to confront protesters they said fled into the university and threw stones at police.

In view of the protest, several Metro station gates were shut and schools in Southeast Delhi were declared closed for today.

Clashes between police and students were not just in the national capital, but was also witnessed at the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Sunday evening.

Hundreds of AMU students protesting against the amended Citizenship Act clashed with police at a campus gate, leaving 60 injured. After the protest, the administration announced closure of the university till January 5.

As the situation is now under control and the entry and exit gates of all metro stations have opened and services have resumed at all stations today, here’s how some of India’s major English newspapers covered Sunday’s police-student confrontation.

1) The Times of India

National daily The Times of India titled its lead story: “After NE & Bengal, it’s Delhi now“. “The area around Jamia Millia Islamia in southeast Delhi turned into a virtual war zone on Sunday evening when protests against the Citizens Amendment Act led to violent clashes with police that left over 70 people, including cops, injured, and at least four buses and two motorcycles burnt,” the TOI report read.

2) Hindustan Times

Another national daily, Hindustan Times ran the headline, “CAA fire now rages in Capital.” The HT report further said, “VIOLENCE ROCKS DELHI, Protesters pelt stones, set buses ablze; police lathi-charge agitators, fire tear gas, enter Jamia.”

3) The Indian Express

Mumbai-based, The Indian Express said, “CAB protest: Mob hits the street, police Jamia campus and students,” in its headline. “Delhi’s Jamia Milia Islamia was at the Centre of protests Sunday against the new Citizenship law, as police lobbed tear gas shells inside the campus, forced their way in, and allegedly dragged students out of the library and the mosque, and assaulted them,” The Indian Express report further said.

4) The Telegraph

Kolkata-based newspaper The Telegraph, known for its wittiness, ran “Jackboots in Jamia,” as its headline for the Sunday evening clash between Jamia Milia University students the Delhi Police. The Telegraph report further said, “Policemen entered Jamia Milia Islamia without permission and went on the rampage on Sunday, thrashing students on the campus and beating a woman BBC reporter near a gate, students and university officials said”.

5) Deccan Herald

South India-based Newspaper Deccan Herald said: “Delhi’s Jamia burns over Citizenship Act,” in its headline. The Deccan Herald report further read, “A protest against the controversial Citizenship Act turned violent in Delhi on Sunday as several vehicles were set ablaze near Jamia Milia University, following which the police entered the university to arrest ‘outsiders’ part of the violence”.

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