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Kalki Koechlin looking back at her pregnancy journey is as honest as it can get


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Kalki Koechlin shed light on pregnancy journey with a doodle. (Photo: Kalki Koechlin/Instagram; designed by Gargi Singh)

Childbirth is considered to be a blessing, a “celebration of life”, but the nine-month long journey of pregnancy itself can be a mixed bag with its share of ups and downs — off days, unusual cravings or just immense joy — that many women tend to undergo. Shedding light on her experience of the past eight months, actor Kalki Koechlin shared notes from her diary in a post on Instagram. Take a look!

Sharing an illustrated poster with doodles, the Dev D actor remarked that while pregnancy is something that one should be grateful for, “it is by far not an easy ride”.

“I know pregnancy is a celebration of life, and we pregnant women are meant to be grateful and sensitive and glowing throughout, and mostly I’ve had a healthy, safe and wonderful journey so far, but it is by far not an easy ride, it is not all butterflies and unicorns, and many days are so tough I want to crawl into bed and disappear. So I made this poster based on some of my diary notes of the last 8 months just so the non-pregnant people can get a glimpse into what we are going through and maybe curious enough to research further and be better prepared to help someone who is carrying,” she wrote.

In Koechlin‘s poster, pink denotes the first trimester (weeks 1-12), white marks the second (weeks 13-27) and the third trimester (weeks 28-40) is shaded with red. During these months, the actor recounted her experiences from her diary notes that included her own emotions and physical symptoms.

Pregnancy can be experienced differently by women, and even for the same mother, one pregnancy can be different to the other. Some physical symptoms that she highlighted in the post include indigestion and acid reflux, loss of bladder control, breathlessness, hormonal imbalance and nausea. Anxiety attack, highlighted in red, was another marker that kept her awake with thoughts about her child’s heartbeat.

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It is noteworthy that mood changes during pregnancy can be caused by physical stress, fatigue, changes in metabolism, or by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Significant changes in your hormone levels can affect one’s level of neurotransmitters, which are brain chemicals that regulate mood. Mood swings are mostly experienced during the first trimester between six to 10 weeks and then again in the third trimester as the body prepares for birth.

Here are some ways to manage stress levels

*Get plenty of sleep
*Take a break during the day to relax
*Get regular physical activity
*Eat well
*Spend time with your partner
*Take a nap.
*Go for a walk
*See a movie with a friend
*Don’t be hard on yourself
*Try pregnancy yoga class or meditation
*Get a massage

However, if your mood swings last more than two weeks and do not seem to get better, you must ask your doctor.

Koechlin who is having a child with boyfriend Guy Hershberg, has been vocal about her journey and this is one of her many ways of garnering much deserved attention to pregnancy and the entire journey.

The post received many “relatable” comments.

If you have a similar story to tell, share with us.

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