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No discussion on nationwide NRC yet, says Amit Shah | India News


NEW DELHI: Union home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said that there has been no discussion on nationwide NRC yet.
“PM Modi is right. There is no discussion on nationwide NRC till now,” Amit Shah said in an interview with news agency ANI.
At a rally in the national capital on Sunday, PM Modi had said that his government had never discussed the issue of nationwide NRC since coming to power for the first time in 2014.
It has been discussed neither in Parliament nor in the Cabinet, he had added.
“Since my government first came to power in 2014, I want to tell 130 crore countrymen, there has never been a discussion on this NRC,” he had said, noting that it was done only in Assam due to a Supreme Court order.
PM Modi’s statement had evoked strong reactions from the opposition parties as several ministers of the government, including Amit Shah, had stated that the process of nationwide NRC would be carried out eventually.
Amit Shah had set a 2024 deadline for implementing the NRC across the country.
“Today, I want to tell you that before the 2024 polls the NRC will be conducted across the country and each and every infiltrator identified and expelled,” the Union home minister had said in an election rally earlier this month.
Opposition leaders had claimed that PM Modi and Amit Shah were making contradictory statements on NRC and wondered who was speaking the truth.
Talking about protests held in several parts of the country over the Citizenship Amendment Act, Amit Shah said that there might have been some communication gap on the part of the government in reaching out to the people.
“I have no issue in admitting that there may have been some deficiency. But you can see my speech in Parliament. In that, I have said clearly that there is no question of any member of minority community losing citizenship,” Amit Shah said.

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