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Some everyday habits that are spoiling your nails


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You may be making some mistakes daily that are ruining your nails. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

So you want healthier nails but are making inadvertent mistakes that are, in fact, ruining them. No amount of manicure sessions and quick salon trips will come handy, unless you know where you are going wrong. So here are some bad nail habits hidden in your daily routine that you need to do away with immediately.

Not washing hands

Not thoroughly at least. While everyone washes hands, neglecting the nails or not cleaning them may cause the accumulation of bacteria, resulting in bacterial infections. Washing hands with a clean nail brush is, therefore, advisable.

Washing dishes

And not wearing gloves is a big beauty blunder. Nails have a tendency to swell in water, which leads to chipping and weakening. Moreover, dish washing soaps and detergents are designed to dry out the skin and nails.

Leaving polish for too long

We all love to apply nail polish, but leaving it to chip away on the nails could lead to its pigment being soaked into the top few layers of the nail. This could dry the nail out.

nails, nail health, healthy nails, Indian Express, Indian Express news
Not washing nails properly can give rise to bacterial infections. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Using nails as tools

This is a no-brainer. Tools have been invented to make life easy. By using nails instead, not only are you applying unnecessary pressure on them, but also spoiling their shape in the process.

Exposing nails in winters

Nails need moisture, and by not covering them, you are exposing them to dry air. Come winter, remember to apply some hand cream before slipping on gloves.

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Not eating vegetables

Veggies are healthy. And your diet benefits from them. So, you cannot exclude them. Foods rich in iron (eggs, spinach, red meat) can strengthen nails.

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