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Sunni Waqf board won’t seek Ayodhya review | India News


LUCKNOW: UP Sunni Central Waqf Board, one of the main Muslim litigants in the Ayodhya case, passed a resolution on Tuesday with a 6-1 majority against filing a petition to seek review of the Supreme Court’s verdict in the case.
With this, the view of board chairperson Zufar Faruqi, who has been maintaining from the day of the verdict that review petition should not be filed, has prevailed in the eight-member group.
However, the board has not taken a view on whether to take the court’s offer of five-acre alternative land for the construction of a mosque elsewhere in Ayodhya. Significantly, Faruqi said after the meeting that the contentious site in Ayodhya would continue to remain in the board’s records. “All waqf properties, including the land where Babri Masjid stood, will continue to be in our records. There has been no decision on deleting it from records,” said Faruqi.

At the meeting, lawyer Abdul Razzaq Khan was the lone dissenter who said a review petition should be filed in the SC. Another member, Imran Mabood Khan from Allahabad, who had told the media last week that he was for filing a review petition, did not attend the board meeting citing ill health.
Ihave put my dissent on record during the meeting. I maintain my stand that a review petition should be filed. On the issue of five-acre land, the board has decided to defer the matter till the government comes up with options,” said Razzaq Khan.
Faruqi said the board members sought more time to decide on the SC’s offer for five-acre land. “We did not demand land and the debate was not triggered by us. A second round of deliberation will he held on the issue.”
Faruqi said except for the chairperson, no other board member will interact with the media. His emphasis comes days after Abdul and Imran had said ahead of the board meeting that a review plea should be filed. Besides, three members, including Abdul, Imran and Abrar Ahmed, had said last week the five-acre land offer is “unacceptable as a barter for the house of God”.

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