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The Grey Part of Blue: Suhana Khan shines in this short film


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Suhana Khan in a still from the short The Grey Part of Blue.

While the world is waiting with bated breath for Suhana Khan’s silver screen debut, turns out Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter has already taken that first step. A short film The Grey Part of Blue, featuring Suhana as the female lead, was recently released on YouTube.

The movie follows a young couple on a two-day journey as they confront the harsh reality of their relationship. Suhana is introduced as an excited young woman who is taking her boyfriend to meet her parents for the first time. However, the boyfriend (played by actor Robin Gonella) seems uninterested in the whole affair.

As we progress through the film, it is evident that Suhana’s character is clearly not on the same page as her partner. The first thing that catches the eye is that Suhana is her own person and her own actor. There is not even one moment in the movie where she, through her body language or otherwise, tries to remind us of who she is in real life. She is just an artiste playing her part, and she aces it. Subtle and restrained, Suhana depicts well the dejectedness and heartbreak of her character.

While the story in itself doesn’t go anywhere since that is its nature in this case, the performances are spell-binding.

Helmed by Theodore Gimeno, The Grey Part of Blue is available for streaming on YouTube.

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