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Three stands may not open for India-West Indies ODI: MCC | Cricket News


CHENNAI: With the India-West Indies ODI at Chepauk set to take place on December 15, the Madras Cricket Club (MCC) says it is unlikely that the three disputed stands – I, J & K – will be opened in time for the game.

According to a MCC source, there are a lot of procedural requirements that need to be completed before the MCC gym can be demolished to create the 8-metre setback space with the ‘K’ stand.

“There are a lot of governmental procedures and formalities. It is difficult to say when all of this will be completed. It is going to be unlikely to be done in time for the West Indies ODI,” the source told TOI on Tuesday.

However, the TNCA stated that it is likely to get the demand for payment of the MA Chidambaram Stadium lease from the government on Wednesday. A TNCA source said that the payment of Rs 19 crore will be made towards the government within Thursday itself. “We are expecting the demand tomorrow. If there is enough time, we will clear the payment on Wednesday itself. Otherwise, it will be sorted in the early hours of Thursday,” the source said.

TNCA, though, isn’t certain when MCC is going to cough up the dues of Rs 10.9 crore. “As per our knowledge, they are also supposed to get the demand for payment along with us. Now it is up to them when they will clear the dues,” the source said.

According to the MCC, however, the lease agreement hasn’t yet been drawn up by the revenue department. “The government order has specified the terms and conditions of the lease, but the actual lease has to be drawn up by the revenue department. It has to be done by the collector/commissioner of land administration. Then, the lease agreement is to be signed by the government on one side and the three different parties on the other side: TNCA, MCC and TNCA club. If there are no points that need clarifications, then the lease agreement will be signed. Only then is the lease actually done.”

Regarding the demolition of the gym too, there are issues that the MCC needs to sort out with the TNCA. “We need to have a Memorandum of Understanding with TNCA. We have some issues which we will have to sort out. If we are knocking down the gym, we have to decide the place for relocating the gym and the cost of course. Until such time, we have to make provisional arrangements too. So these are things that need to be discussed. The actual physical process of bringing down the gym can start only after all this,” the source in the MCC added.

The TNCA, though, remains hopeful of a solution being reached soon. “If things aren’t sorted out, we will have to request the government to make an exception and allow us to open the three stands for the match day,” the TNCA source said.

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