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We will bury her, she’s already burnt, says Unnao girl’s father | India News


UNNAO: At 9.30pm on Saturday, when her coffin was opened in Unnao village, the calm of winter’s night was shattered by the sound of wailing.
The devastated father of the murdered rape victim said, “We will bury her. I won’t light her pyre. My beloved daughter is already burnt.” The family has decided to bury her in the fields on the outskirts of their village.
She is to be interred between 4 and 6am on Sunday.
Her father demanded death for those who had raped and killed his daughter. “Hang them, shoot them like Hyderabad police or blow up my house with explosives,” he screamed. “I am old and infirm and cannot shuttle between courts and police stations, where justice is just a dream for the poor. The rapists and murderers should undergo the same pain as my daughter. Like they traumatised my daughter and set her ablaze, the perpetrators should be handed a painful death. They should be chased and gunned down. Or they should be hanged in public,” he said.
While there was a steely silence in the upper-caste neighbourhood, hundreds gathered to mourn the death of the girl.
After the autopsy at Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, where she died on Friday night after suffering a cardiac arrest brought on by her horrific burn injuries, her embalmed body was brought to Unnao by road. A police cavalcade escorted the ambulance from Delhi to the village in UP.
As the body was lowered to the floor, her mother wept inconsolably. Her once radiant face was burnt beyond recognition, triggering another burst from her father. “If the government can’t give swift justice, they should plant a bomb in my house and blow it up. I don’t have much energy left to make rounds of courts and police stations. My daughter’s soul will only rest in peace when there’s retribution.”
“On Wednesday night she asked me if I had had my dinner. I said yes. Then she then told me, ‘You go to sleep.’ Those were her last words, now she has slept forever. But her agony and pain will haunt me in my dreams,” he said.

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